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Change of heart

From April 9 to 10, I was fortunate enough to attend 2 different webinars. The first one was hosted by APACALL, an international research organization, and other one was organized by my former review center CBRC. Both have talked the ways on how to overcome challenges amidst online learning however, both gave me different perspectives.

Let me start off with the APACALL webinar-symposium.

I was so happy my technical writing professor, Ms. Wina (please check out her scholarly blog here), invited me to attend a international webinar so that we can gain more insights for our next research paper. Since it was free (whish is very important for my hobo-purse) and was held on a free day (Day of Valor), I registered and look forward to it since that was my first webinar-symposium. The speakers were (on my perspective) world-class teachers on the field of Languages and the use of Computer mediated learning. However, though the webinar is info-rich, I only selected the ones I think could be applicable for my school, and here were some of it (in no particular order but on my order of what I think has left a mark on me):

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When documentaries seize power over me

I admit am a weird media consumer. I easily get persuaded however at times I do try to use my head (ahaha). Well normally, I get persuaded to buy things Ryo recommends (yeah my Rumbler tumbler, Maybelline Eyeliner, and that Saborino face mask... and his con goods) but I do not regret those because so far my purchases which involves Ryo are good and of good quality.

But yeah, right now as I get into the habit of watching documentaries about healthy living and fake products on Netflix, And again as a weird consumer, I believed those documentaries (haha). Right now due to 'SEASPIRACY', I am lessening my meat consumption, then came "Broken', and am like "I just bought a face mask in HK... and this documentary kept saying stuff..".. yeah the paranoid me jumped.

But so much to that, I should just be chill right? Well, the paranoid part started when I bought something in Lazada and was scammed (considering the shop that I 'shopped' has a LazMall logo). Anyway, I'll just be careful and be a not-so-paranoid consumer.

*Watching Hitler-A Career to cleanse my media palette


Being a True Human: learn to accept and let go

I may be a teacher by career (well, noticed I did not use the term "profession" because am not yet licensed), but my values are not of a teacher. I only educate, I do not dare touch my students' values not because I do not want but because I'm not morally fit.

As you can see or read from my previous posts, I have my ups and downs. I only learn values and what is acceptable through experience. Also, what can be morally acceptable to me may not be for others. What maybe morally accountable to others may not be so for me. Let me cite one.

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No longer human part 2

I do understand, as educators we have to extended our understanding. Its a vocation, its a humanitarian act. But geez we're human too. We're not robots... we feel pain, get frustrated, we make mistakes, because we're humans.

Today is not a cool day for me. It all started with our sly marketing manager. I gave the number of one of our contact for ad printing to her so that they could talk. My contact got so many questions that I myself can't answer. Like dude, am just a rank and file person who am I to make decisions? Well, it turns out, prick talked to the contact and still, directed everything to me. The funny part if, she asked for a quotation, had it sent to me, then dude was like "forward the email to me"... DUDE? why not straight to yours? Am I your minion? Seriously???

Next, gawd I 'like' my boss! This dude, with out even talking to the guardian, shoved the thy contact number to my face... like seriously? SERIOUSLY???? Fun part? Dude got no idea what was the reason... As my mom's friend told me before, "question thy self, maybe its our own understanding that causes all the misunderstandings. Might as well forgive thyself and get pass it." She is right. With a heavy heart I took the number, texted the guardian. Turns out, the guardian was asking how his niece was... I told him that she never enters my class... at the end of the convo turns out, I was the reason. WOW!!! great right?

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Line Stamps and am stomped with challenges

Yeap, NGTV has produced their own LINE stamps... yet due to exclusivity, even if I tried my wits to bust the puzzle on how to acquire the limited time stamps. 

Before I had the luck of plucking some (hehe I love that word) stamps and themes from Kanjani8 and Official髭男dism using my reliable VPNs and other stuff. However, since my LINE is not a Japanese account, its pretty hard to do that... 

Anyways, does anyone know how? Here are some of the LINE app requirements and modes of payments (click link here). Not sure which part I made wrong or have not done. 

See yeah on my next entry :)


When to poke and not to poke?

"You're the most sociable person I know" was what my mom's friend told me one time when she invited me over to our 3-4 hour rant meetings about work.

I know that. Most of my friends and peers mentioned they find healing in me when they talk with me, or they feel comfortable. At times when they mention that, I don't feel the same since my energy goes down the drain every time I talk. In person, I can talk freely, saying stuff rationally, but in reality am a messed up human too. My naïve mind helps me decide wrong decisions and turns, which at times look simple to let go yet too complex to understand and decide upon.

Not sure why I feel lonely today. Recently am having chats with a moot and she mentioned one of our friends hardly join us. I do have this feeling that if one does not like talking, I move away... I mean if they need space then I give it to them. If they don't feel like talking then so be it rather than I scrape myself up to them and they might feel annoyed. 

I don't know, I just feel sad our moot is silent. I wanted to be silent too... recuperate from all the jabs am receiving from work and stress... also, I wanted to let go of my SNS. Not blaming SNS though but I think I was way better without it to begin with. Also, I need to see people. Online troops are good but once they started to depart themselves away and your need to socialize arises, you can't just pull them in... not fair for the both of you.

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